Thursday, May 29, 2014

Natural Time Crowdfunding Campaign Gets Funded

Our Kickstarter Success

Once a far fetched idea sketched out on pen and paper is now getting ready for production thanks to our recent successful crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter! On May 19 our Kickstarter project successfully reached it's goal!

"I would like to give thanks to our awesome friends, family, fans and the loads of contributors from Facebook who helped us get to where we are today, All us on the Natural time team don't know where we would be today if we didn't get the crucial funding needed during our Kickstarter campaign.

- Joshua, Founder of Natural Time

What is Crowdfunding?

Crowdfunding is bringing a community of people together to fund a campaign, or project who is started by someone offering a service or product and is looking for funds to start the first round of production for a new product or idea, people fund the campaign with a contribution in return for a perk, which will then get them a product after the campaign is over (if the campaign reaches it's goal). 

Also campaigns on Kickstarter and Indiegogo (the biggest platforms) can only be up for a limited amount of time.

Since our campaign was on Kickstarter our campaign was automatically put on fixed-funding. This meant that we needed to hit our fundraising goal completely to receive any of the funds. Which meant that the next month was going to be very stressful.

"So in the one month our project was up on Kickstarter, we knew as soon as we launched our campaign that we had to make every day count, no matter what it took." 

How did you get exposure?

A lot of our early promotion was done through friends and family, word of mouth, and a lot of posting on our own social networks and fan pages across Twitter and Facebook.

We also used a crowdfunding marketing service that specializes in running Facebook ads for crowdfunding campaigns like ours to get more contributions. We launched a targeted Kickstartmyads Facebook Ads campaign to drive more supporters to our project during our mid-campaign stall.

Because of the success of our first crowdfund project and the crazy amount of funding we received. We're actually planning a new crowdfunding campaign for sometime this summer!

We plan to launch our new line of footwear line consisting of new boots and shoes later this fall because of the great amount of success we had!  Now we have a good knowledge of crowdfunding up our sleeve on how to get the best results for a project. Don't worry, we'll share them with you too!

Advice for other Crowdfunders?

More info to come! We will be talking more on our Kickstarter vs Indiegogo decision recap, why we went with Kickstarter, what crowdfunding promotion services we used, and how to launch a full scale targeted Facebook Ads campaign to start driving supporters to your project immediately!

- Evan