Saturday, May 31, 2014

My Crowdfunding Experience: Kickstartmyads Review

How We Drove Supporters to Raise $20k+ on Kickstarter

Our first project that we launched on Kickstarter earlier this spring got massive amounts of exposure across facebook via ads campaigns, this is a great strategy to use for a crowdfunding campaign and we will be sure to use the same method of acquiring supporters with our next campaign we've planned to launch this fall.

The best method of raising the funds that we used to get our company moving in beginning was to reach out to friends and family throughout through Facebook and Twitter, but that only lasted for so long. Then we also used a crowdfunding Facebook ads agency called Kickstartmyads to reach people outside of our network by using targeted Facebook Ads to reach people who have already contributed to other Kickstarter projects! This drove massive amounts of supporters to our project, which mixed great with the support we already were getting from friends and family!


Our Own Promotional Efforts

We had quite a small audience of people on our own Facebook page (at the time about 200 or so) so the volume of people who were already interested in our brand and product was so small, we got a few contributors out of them after running a few Facebook ads on our own, and using some promoted post options, but we really didn't know too much about what we were doing at the time.

We felt limited because of the amount of fans on our Facebook fan page so instead we opted for more general social media promotion on twitter and our personal Facebook profiles.

Our Mid-Campaign Stall

Friends and family already contributed so much to the campaign, now we needed to find new avenues for bringing people in and driving supporters. 

Most services we were contacted by on our Kickstarter page were promoting some cheap press release service, $100 here, $199 there. Since we already went with such a high-end firm we knew that any of these lower level services were just there to send a quick mail blast, call it a PR campaign and take all the profit.

Using Kickstartmyads to Drive Supporters

Kickstartmyads Reviews Review
Kickstartmyads Ad report showing us getting real clicks and conversions on our campaign!

When we launched our Kickstarter campaign we were pretty optimistic about our campaign and how far we would go. But then in Mid March we experience our mid-campaign stall after we went through our rounds of asking friends and family for contributions. We tweeted and posted about project on our social media pages as much as we could but we need some aggressive support. We found out about Kickstartmyads through an Ad on Facebook that I actually saw right on my news feed! I clicked on it and got brought straight to their site, I knew I needed to do something to save my campaign so I thought I'd give it a shot.

How to Use Targeted Facebook Ads

Instead of just being limited to promoting our campaign to our own Facebook page, I learned that you can actually target specific users on Facebook using the Kickstartmyads service and special techniques. so Kickstartmyads actually went in a targeted people who liked pages about shoes, boosts, and any other page that we wanted. (including and most importantly, our competitors!) they also automatically target people who are known crowdfunders, crowdfund supporters, and past contributors, which is why they're specifically for Crowdfunding campaigns. 

Why We Didn't Run Ads Before

Our team was so weary of running Facebook Ads to people outside of my own Facebook page because they would be to everyone and anyone, but the Kickstartmyads team actually ran the ads based on specific audience targeting to get the best results! 

They optimized the ads and were helpful with me along the way to improving my Ads, getting them exactly how we wanted, gave us an ad preview and also gave us live ad reports throughout the whole project to let us know how everything was running. Even though we could tell how the ads were doing based on the amount of daily contributors we were getting on our Kickstarter project. 

So if you're looking to get great results for your crowdfunding campaign, then social media promotion and targeted Facebook ads are the best way to get more contributions to your project, and couldn't we all use some more contributions on our campaigns?

- Joshua