Monday, June 2, 2014

How to Reach Your Audience for Your Kickstarter project

I have a Kickstarter and Need and Audience

Most people rely on Kickstarter to find their audience for them, the truth is that there are not enough people browsing through Kickstarter to get your campaign funded, you need to reach a targeted audience of known crowdfunders, crowdfunding supporters, and Kickstarter funders. If you have a Facebook page you can actually use those fans who liked your page and use Kickstartmyads's custom users I.D targeting and upload Ads directly onto their newsfeed!

Who is My Audience?

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Every project up on Kickstarter can use targeted Facebook Ads to drive supporters to their campaign, think about it, when would targeting specific groups of people who are interested in your product, field, or even just crowdfunding already not get you real results? General promotion DOES NOT work for Kickstarter campaigns, your project needs to reach a very niche group of people, which can still actually be very large.

How Do I Run Targeted Facebook Ads

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You can upload your ads to general target groups using the Facebook Ads tool, separating simply by age, gender, country etc. Kickstartmyads used custom I.D targeting software to reach people who are directly related to your field and are most likely to Kickstarter campaigns, and campaigns related to your product! Kickstartmyads used this for us to target fan pages of any other Facebook pages that we wanted who we think would be best to get our ads in front of, this drove us targeted clicks and drove supporters directly to our Kickstarter project, they would target the users who 'liked' these pages and run the Ads campaigns directly on their Facebook profile newsfeed instead of those easily ignored right collumn ads that we all see on the side.

Newsfeed and Right Column Ads

The custom user I.D targeting actually places the Ads on the newsfeed of the users you're targeting, this gets your Ads much more engagement not only because they're targeted groups of users, but also because News feed ads are known to get you more reach than a Ad on the right column of the screen. Then when someone sees the ad for your Kickstarter project they click the link and are taken directly to your campaign page, and from their they contribute to your project and you can track the sales coming in from these Ads in real time on your analytics! 

- Joshua