Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Building a Audience for Your Campaign

The most important aspect for launching a crowdfunding campaign is building an audience that you can reach out to for support and contributions before you launch your campaign. Building an audience as you lead up to your campaign is great for drawing supporters from as they are also eager to contribute to your campaign once you go live aswell. Here are some ways to build an audience and what you can do with that audience once your campaign goes live that we got massive amounts of success with on our own campaign on Kickstarter.

Building E-mail Lists:

Building out E-mail lists of fans, friends and family is a great way to build momentum for a campaign. Also having a email sign-up form on your website is a great way to build out lists of people who are interested in your product, and are waiting for you to launch your campaign. Sending out weekly emails to your email list helps bring people to your campaign page.

Getting Fans on Social Media

Getting followers on Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr is another great way to build momentum for a campaign. This is great for spreading the word on your own social networks and having them also share your content which will show up on their own social networkds. These users have already shown interest and can now be targeted once you go live. This is great for pulling some early supporters to your campaign.

Using Facebook Ads:

Now that you have a buildup of users you can run targeted ads on Facebook to these users! By building custom audience lists you can target people who gave you their email address, people who liked your fan pages, and people who don't know about your project yet but have shown interest in your product, or crowdfunding in general. This is good strategy to use for throughout your whole campaign.

Build a Blog:

Building a blog is key to getting traction from within the blogosphere. Tumblr is a great way to reach out to the crowdfunding community on there. From there you can get in touch with other crowdfunders and crowdfund supporters who may be browsing for new campaigns to support. This is great for before your campaign goes live and is a great way to build mailing lists and driving fans to your social media networks! These are some great methods that we used on our campaign last month that got us great results before we ended up launching!