Tuesday, June 10, 2014

How We Raised Funds Outside of Kickstarter

Our crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter raised more then $20k in just one month! We surpassed our goal in no time from friends, family, and outside support that we got from outside the Kickstarter platform and community.

We owe a good amount of of first and initial contributions from our friends and family and anyone else in our social networks that got our campaign going. The best way to raise funds for a Kickstarter project is to review your campaign before you launch and build an audience to draw contributions from before you actually launch your project. This will give you ample time to get the best results from your promotional efforts.

If your project is already live and you didn't take too much time to plan out your project in the beginning then that's okay! You will just need to step up your promotional efforts to really reach a targeted audience outside of the Kickstarter platform who would contribute to your campaign. A great (and free way) to promote your campaign once you launch is through your social media networks and fan pages. Doing that before you launch and while you're live will get you some good results.

Also I would recommend running targeted Facebook ads to promote your campaign, you can try doing this on your own and experimenting (if you are already pretty facebook-savy) as we did. We didn't really know what we were doing and didn't get very good results from it when we were launching Facebook ads on our own, that's why we used the only crowdfunding service that specializes in running targeted Facebook Ads for corwdfunding campaigns, you can learn more at Kickstartmyads

They were able to scrape custom audience lists of fan pages on Facebook to target the best audience possible after the team over at Kickstartmyads reviewed my project! They're helpful with getting your ads just the way you want them and actually do a lot of other tricks and techniques I never even knew about!

We're planning on launching a new campaign for our Fall/Winter lineup later this year. We will definitely be using our media networks, along with getting our project in front of targeted supporters again on Facebook, and getting support from friends and family. We'll be launching sometime this Fall, be sure to check it out!

- Evan