Monday, June 9, 2014

Finding the Right Audience for Your Kickstarter Project

The last two to a few years we perceive the crowdfunding market, which is led by Kickstarter has now grown so rapidly that a lot of business insiders are really caught off guard. Kickstarter right now deals with so many new projects every week, with many bringing in more than $2 million in funding. Not all campaigns make the big bucks though. For every campaign that reaches its goal you'll find 15 that do not. 

Here are some techniques to find the right audience to Kickstarter project, that we used on our own campaign that got us the funding we needed! Here are the Top 5, key elements that successful crowdfunding campaigns are using this summer on Kickstarter that we have used in the past, and are going to use in the future for our upcoming campaign.

#1 Social Media

Utilize Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn for the best of you skill. Before launching your Kickstarter project towards the public, come up with a fan page on Facebook, a Twitter account, and a Linked In account. Generate buzz and rack up the likes prior to going live. This way after you do go live you will possess the buzz from your very start. Those projects which leave to a good start are usually the ones to meet their goals.

#2 Notify Friends and Family Right Away

Friends and family will be the almost certainly people to bring about your project. The projects that can get a substantial amount of funding as stated above over bat are the ones to get the buzz, and also ultimately succeed. Plus they can give you that early support to get your campaign going.

#3 Make Use of Social Forums

Social forums vary than Social networks per se. Social forums are, by way of example, LinkedIn Groups, Google+ Communities, and Facebook Groups. These are efficient ways to network and let people know about assembling your shed. Search for communities based on keywords which describe the project you're just about to launch. 

Once found, introduce yourself to the communities and drop a link to your online community profile. This will help you develop the network you'll need once you launch.

#4 Targeted Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads are great for small businesses in general, but are even better for crowdfunding campaigns! You can try to do this on your own by scraping users off of Facebook fan pages and uploading them as a custom audience into your Facebook Ads Mangers. 

The only service that specializes in running Facebook ads for crowdfunding campaigns is Kickstartmyads. They target people on Facebook who are known crowdfunding supporters, and are interested in your target market, which is great for getting some real results. Launching Facebook Ads using targeting software from Kickstartmyads will give you targeted promotion for your crowdfunding campaign.

#5 Consistently Update Your Campaign

Having a lot of activity on a campaign page is great no matter what your category or goal amount. People are more likely to contribute to your campaign if there is more content throughout the campaign page. This shows that a campaign's owner and a campaign's team are serious about their project and are serious about reaching their funding goal. More people are likely to contribute if you are active on your project page. It takes time for you to develop your campaign and prepare your audience.

Ultimately the product you happen to be offering on your Kickstarter or Indiegogo campaign could have the biggest impact on whether it gets funded or otherwise not, though with a right product through following the four guidelines above you ought to soon be in relation to Crowdfunding success. 

- Joshua